Ocean Transport is a Key Part of the Logistics

Ocean Transport is a key part of the logistics mix for Global businesses, but managing operations can quickly eat up bandwidth and resources.

Terra Worldwide Logistics develops real-world solutions for their customers' unique challenges, helping to ensure on-time delivery, improve data accuracy and lower landed costs. No matter where your goods need to go, we deliver:

Industry Expertise

Running into service gaps with your current provider? Backed by decades of experience and
a worldwide network, our team makes everything from initial booking to final invoice seamless for your business.

Customized Solutions

Get everything you need – and nothing you don’t. Combining proprietary technology, end-to-end logistics and a consultative approach, we help you develop workflows that deliver ongoing value.

Open Communication

Complex supply chains demand constant attention. We take full accountability for all requirements, while a dedicated operations manager keeps you updated on everything you need to know.

Accurate Information

Good data can be hard to come by,
so we validate every piece of information before it gets
to you. Customized reporting ensures you have the right insights to make informed business decisions.

We offers complete ocean transport solutions

We ensure shipment of your goods is:





We understand you have unique needs and challenges. We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all“ solutions. That’s
why our ocean import/export team of professionals develops solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

We will team UP with you to ensure timely delivery,
 improved data accuracy and reduced landed costs

We’re available 24×7 to deliver your goods safely and securely.
You can leave the shipping to us.

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