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We combines extensive industry knowledge with a full-service approach to help importers and exporters navigate global trade complexities. By assessing your unique needs, we develop solutions to help you avoid shipment delays, manage reporting requirements, and minimize financial and legal risks.

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We form long-term partnerships to guide customers through every aspect of operations, including compliance, visibility, classification assistance, entry reporting, ruling requests and more.

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Assigning and verifying harmonized tariff classifications

C-TPAT certification, validation and audits

Foreign trade zone consulting services

Customs compliance consulting, including audits
and reviews, program setup, recruiting and staffing, employee training, and procedure development

Training on importing, valuation, declarations, free trade agreements and other specialized topics

Harmonize Tariff Classification
Import/Export Compliance Consulting Services
C-TPAT Consulting Services
Foreign Trade Zone Consulting Services
Specialized Training
Assigning the correct harmonized tariff schedule (HTS) classification is essential for paying import duties and taxes properly, but many importers don’t have the internal expertise or resources to manage this time-consuming task. Whether you need a one-time review, an annual audit or ongoing support as part of the customs process, American Global Logistics offers flexible options to ensure your HTS classifications are correct.
Review existing items’ master information and other documentation to assign HTS classifications
Ensure accuracy of existing HTS classifications
Import and export compliance goes far beyond filing a customs entry or export declaration. The compliance process stretches from initial sourcing and negotiation to five years post-sale, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection is increasing enforcement of these complex regulations. American Global Logistics works with customers to create effective compliance programs that minimize the risk of audits, fines and penalties.

Import/Export Compliance Consulting Services
Compliance Audits and Reviews
Conduct specialized audits and reviews based on business goals, including corporate compliance policies, organizational structure, import/export activities, free trade agreements, recordkeeping and cost savings opportunities
Perform detailed research to ensure accuracy, completion and proper filing of all import/export records and standard operating procedures
Interview employees to assess their understanding of import/export compliance requirements
Determine any gaps in compliance procedures
Deliverables: Written report that includes exhibits and sample documentation errors; presentation of findings to management, recommendations for corrective action
Compliance Procedures Manual
Create manual customized around specific needs to help businesses handle issues as they arise
Compliance Program Setup
Develop new compliance program within business’ existing management framework
Assist with recruiting process, including identifying personnel needs, interviewing candidates and providing orientation and training for new hires
Provide ongoing support to drive program success
Compliance Personnel On-Site Staffing
Place experienced workers on-site to manage compliance program
Compliance Training
Fully customizable training based on customer needs, with flexible time and location options

As global supply chains become increasingly vulnerable, the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certification aims to protect the security of goods shipped around the world. For businesses, however, achieving this certification means extra steps in an already involved customs process. Terra Worldwide Logistics’ experienced team guides customers through the implementation and execution of C-TPAT audits and certification, saving your business time while ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations.

Assist customers with achieving C-TPAT certification
Validation and re-validation services
C-TPAT audits
Security procedures manual drafting
The U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) program can boost your business’ bottom line significantly by helping you defer, reduce or eliminate import duties. By leveraging our expertise, you can determine your potential savings and take advantage of these import duty benefits.
Cost-benefit analysis
Application writing for subzones, expansions, minor boundary modifications and ASF
FTZ preparation
Zone schedule writing
Procedures manual writing
Grantee and operator agreements
Designing and implementing inventory control and recordkeeping systems
Turnkey FTZ program management
FTZ training
FTZ operations audits
Marketing assistance for 3PLs and grantees
Annual reporting, reconciliation and systems review
Bring your team up to date on customs compliance issues and procedures with our comprehensive library of training topics.
Topics Import Export Others
Assits - Are they Part of my Value?
Basics of Importing
Basics of Valuation
Commercial Invoice Content Requirements
Country of Origin Declaration, Marking, Labeling Requirements
Customs 101 - Importation Basics
Customs Valuation
Foreign Trade Zones
Harmonized Tariff Schedule Use & Classification Excercises
Import Compilance - Reasonable Care
Import Entry Process - Basics
Import Industry Hot Topics
Penalties & Liquidated Damages
What Does Your Customs Broker Do For You?
Classifying My Goods - Where Do I Start?
Customs Trade Partnership Security Profile Training & Certification Process
Evaluating Supply Chain Costs
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Free Trade Agreements
INCO Terms
Letters of Credit
NAFTA Training & Certification Process
Other Government Agencies
Understanding HTS / Schedule B
Understanding Your Products Supply Chain Flow
Basics of Exporting
Elements & Responsability of EEI
Export Compilance Reasonable Care
Export Industry Hot Topics
Foreign Government Importing Requirements
Impact of Government Agencies on EEI Transmission
What Does Your Freight Forwarder Do For You?
Admission of merchandise
Basics of FTZ Inventory Control
Documentation Needs for FTZ Merchandise
FTZ Activation Process
FTZ Benefits
FTZ Feasibility Studies
FTZ Operator`s Perspective on the "How To`s" of FTZS
FTZs & The Supply Chain
FTZs Fundamentals Training
Handling of Merchandise in an FTZ
How Does a 3rd
Party Warehouse Operate
Inventory Control - The Entire Process
Inventory Control & Recordkeeping in an FTZ - Workshop
Mapping the Inventory Control Process in an FTZ
Operating a GPZ as Public Warehouse
Period Reporting in FTZs
Removal of Merchandise from an FTZ
What do Companies want from an FTZ Operator - Importers Perspective
What is an FTZ?

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