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What’s Driving the Future of Ground Transportation

Current events are reshaping global supply chains with speed and force. Changes to ground transportation, likewise, are whipsawing shippers and carriers. Supply and demand have seesawed triggering instability in ground transportation operations. Cargo capacity, driver shortages, and technology are in flux. That makes for continued uncertainty and volatility in the future. The post will reveal […]

5 Emerging Warehousing Trends You Need to Watch

Get Ready for Warehousing’s New, Competitive Landscape Like all other logistics services, warehousing faces change, disruption, and volatility. Change, disruption, and volatility stem from uncertainty about trade with China, ongoing global supply chain shifts, and new technologies. Yet, against this backdrop, trade is increasing. That will lead to more volume and more congestion. All the […]

Are You Ready for Tomorrow’s Increased Supply Chain Risks?

It’s a new world for global supply chains. It’s called the New Normal. Global supply chains are reacting or responding to new trade agreements. They’re reacting or responding to the aftereffects of Covid-19. And they’re reacting and responding to recession. There’s a big difference between reacting and responding. A reaction is passive, whereas a response […]

What You Need to Know About Changes to Air Freight

The aftereffects of Covid-19 have thrashed global air freight supply chains. As a result, volatility, and uncertainty prevail at unprecedented levels. This aggravates air freight’s operating environment. Availability of capacity is unpredictable, making pricing erratic. For example, since February 2020, spot rates for China – Europe have increased 272%.  Likewise, spot rates for China – […]

What You Need to Know About Blockchain … Before You Invest

Blockchain has been heralded as a revolutionary technology for Fintech. But it’s not restricted to Fintech. It also has many applications for supply chains. And some of these applications are potentially transformative. Some media reports, however, would have you believe Blockchain can run your supply chain on auto-pilot. No more surprises. No data lapses or […]

10 Emerging Supply Chain Shifts: Are You Prepared?

Why Global Supply Chains are Shifting Global supply chains are being whipsawed. Complexity, globalization, and technology were already a staple of supply chains. Supply chains were adapting, becoming more effective and efficient. Optimization was their mantra. You’ve survived trade wars, security threats/theft, oil shocks, strangulating regulations, etc. Now add a pandemic to the mix and […]

Why You Need to Rethink Inventory Planning

Covid-19 Swiftly Exposes Damaging Defect in Inventory Management Covid-19’s effects have reverberated throughout global supply chains. In particular, Covid-19 has upended inventory stockage planning. Commodities affected includes auto parts, dairy, meat, masks, and toilet paper, to name a few. Matching supply and demand has always been an industry problem. Over the past ten years, leaning […]

Why You Should Care About Data Analytics

Data analytics has reached a tipping point. With the quarantine winding down, the need for first class data analytics is clear. Only the fittest companies will emerge from the disruption caused by the Coronacrisis. And those businesses will face an adverse operating environment. The market will continue to be increasingly complex and fast-paced. Successful supply […]

Covid-19 Influences the Evolution of Logistics Technology

There’s no argument. Covid-19 has exposed global supply chain weaknesses – quickly and harshly.  And its influencing logistics technology development. As a result, shippers and carriers are turning to technology to fix these weaknesses. Many of these supply chain weaknesses are long-standing issues. Now, the use of technology has taken on increased urgency in mitigating […]

Covid-19 Response: Infrastructure Investments Coming Soon

In Washington, infrastructure spending is back on the table… thanks to Covid-19. Last year both the Democrats and Republicans tried to pass legislation for infrastructure. Democrats floated a 5-year plan worth $760 billion.  The Trump administration floated a 10-year plan with a $2 trillion investment. Both packages identified the need to address present and future […]