About Terra Worldwide Logistics

Welcome to Terra Worldwide Logistics where we deliver original, innovative and customized logistics solutions that contribute to your bottom line.

Based on prior successes, the executives at Terra Worldwide Logistics have created an exciting, best-of breed company. Terra Worldwide is taking a fresh approach to the 3PL and 4PL industries. It’s an approach that’s tailor-made for the uncertain times in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

The Terra Worldwide team has extensive industry experience and knowledge. And that experience tells us that companies that enter into long-term partnerships are the ones that will survive today’s turbulent times and thrive in the future.

A lot of companies talk about service. But at Terra Worldwide we deliver. That’s why we developed an exclusive company strategy that focuses on our customer.
Our unrelenting strategic focus on you, the customer, sets us apart. From our air import and export, ocean import and export, and ground transport teams to our warehouse and distribution team and our customer brokerage specialists, you’ll find unrivaled customer service.

Service is Terra Worldwide’s watchword. Service… second to none.

Here’s what makes us different:

Competitive Industry Shipping Rates. Terra Worldwide offers high-quality shipping/transportation services at highly-competitive industry rates. We believe in value and leverage our integrated supply chain partners to provide you the best value for your dollar.

Customer-centric. We systematically focus on your needs, challenges, and interests. Our customer-centered mindset enables us to deliver customized solutions that meet your needs. Your challenges are our challenges. Your success is our successes. We aim to exceed your expectations – all the time.

Culture. Superior customer service is in our DNA. From the warehouse to the C-suite, our team’s service mindset translates into superior customer service for you. We’ll always seek to provide you with respect and exceptional customer service. We exist to serve you.

Collaboration. Service depends on collaborating with you. To ensure mission accomplishment, we work closely with you, every step of the way. We inform our solutions by understanding what’s working and what’s not. We quickly pinpoint ways to deliver relevant, timely, and innovative solutions that improve your bottom line.

Connected Communication. Logistics is a “people” business, so we leverage open and constant communications. That’s why connecting with you is essential to us. We listen to you. We learn from you. And we communicate with you. We’ll keep you informed along all touchpoints 24 x 7. Connected communication enables us to manage your challenges proactively.

Overview of Solutions